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OTHER SERVICE – aarkayengineers


Fabrication, Erection, Insulation – Oven Chimney Furnace Oil – Auto Filling System, Fo Piping Work  Water Dosing System

 Pressure Vessel        : custom paper writer Chemical units – Reactor –Jacketed, MS / CS/ SS 304-316 L MOC
Automation Services
: Industrial Automation of PLC –
a) Liquid Dosing System –   For Food Industries – Biscuit making units
For Chemical Industries – process
b) Automation of PLC Based Bulk powder system
Flour charging & conveying system, Crystal sugar handling system
c) Automation of Preparation PLC Based system
Dry / Liquid Preparation – Syrup / Invert Syrup / Sugar Solution etc.   

Material Handling    : Belt conveyor, Screw conveyor, Roller conveyor, Pneumatic conveying, Chain mesh conveying, Discharge chute, Hooper, Silos etc
Pipeline Works
         : Tank Farm Piping, Yard Piping, Plant Piping, Heating coils, dosing piping, Hot oil lines / Steam lines- Low Pr. Lines
Erection Works
        : Fabrication & Erection of Shed Works, Erection of Plant & Machinery works, Erection of Chimney & Dismantling work.
Dismantling & Relocating: Dismantling of complete plant and machinery, Bulk storage tank Transport to new site, re erection, fixing, comm. and product assistance service
General Fabrication: Shop Flour Fabrication of Heavy as per customer drawings, Spec Chimneys, Silos, Kilns, Hoopers, Classifier
Insulation Work       : Industrial Insulation of HOT/ COLD – Tanks, Pipe lines, Chimney, Duct works.
Thermal Heating      : Jacketed heating / Heat tracing –TANKS / Pipe line Heating coils – Limpet / Pan cake / Helical